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Shawn, originally New Yorker, transported to Tennessee for a few years, chased the love of his life in Iowa, only to move her back to Tennessee. Rachael, small town Iowa girl that traveled the globe to find her love in Tennessee. Little did we know how much our lives would change when Little Miss Magdalyn Joy entered the world. Join our journey through the unknown of Maggie's medical issues, known truths of God, and the nuts and bolts of life.


My sister is a rockstar!

What a whirlwind of an evening.
Let me give the background of the day first and how we all ended up where we were. I came up to Waterloo this morning so that Ava and I could go to Brooke's doctor appointment with her and hear the baby's heartbeat. At the appointment, they scraped the membrane to hopefully move things along a little bit. Ava and I hung out at my parents' house most of the day helping them paint, while my sister went to work. Around 2, one of the gals drove her home from work, as her contractions were 3-5 minutes apart. After a Tylenol and a bath, Tyler and her went to the hospital. They walked around for an hour or so, but then were sent home. She was 4cm dialated at this point. No big deal...last time was a long haul before baby, and the nurses weren't too concerned. So...6:00ish Tyler went to sand volleyball, Grandma Myrt and I were going to drop Ava off at home, per Brooke's request and go to a Tupperware party. Brooke was in quite a bit of pain and couldn't understand why the nurses sent her home. I bathed Ava and got her ready for bed, as Brooke didn't really want to deal with her...she was a little cranky-Ava that is! During this time, Grandma and I decided that it wouldn't be such a great idea to leave Brooke. Her contractions were getting closer and more intense. Finally, Grandma pushed Brooke and I out of the house and said that Tyler can meet us up at the hospital. When Brooke called the nurses on the way to the hospital, they kept implying that she didn't need to come in yet...did you take a tylenol? did you take a bath? Both of which Brooke did in the 45 minutes Grandma and I were at her house. So, the time frame we know...at 7:25, we were still at the house deciding what to do. At 7:40, we were at the hospital. 7:35-Tyler got home and showered QUICK! 7:47-Tyler left the house and arrived at the hospital moments later
Now...if we had known what was to come in the next moments, we might have moved even faster. When Brooke and I got to the hospital, she was wobbling in, in between contractions. I offered to get a wheelchair, but she said she was fine. So we just stopped every-so-often for her to breathe through the contraction and for me to rub her back. We get there, and the nurses still aren't to concerned...until they check her that is...She was 9 cm dialated. That's right, my sister walked into the hospital at 9 cm! That's past an epidural. Brooke wasn't too happy about that!
Next thing you know...Tyler made it in time before we moved to the delivery suite. All the nurses were in there at one point trying to get the right carts in and everything ready, since this baby was clearly ready to come out. A whole flurry of activity...Tyler held one leg, I held the other. Some pushes and screams and my newest little neice entered the world at 8:07, within a half hour of us arriving at the hospital. Myka Marie...so precious! Don't quote me, but I think 7 lbs. 14 oz., 20" Pictures to come!